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Why you need architecture photography

There are many reasons why architects or construction related companies need architecture photography of their creations.
Some need images to promote and sell, others are proud and want to share.

In the end – when they look back in retrospective –  they are happy the photographs were made when the building was at its best. Time did not yet touch the location with its muddy hands.

Sophisticated Composition

A good composition lets the spectator wander in the images. The spectator is lead by the one-point or two-point perspective with leading lines.

Thanks to a sophisticated composition distractions are eliminated:  looking at the scenery becomes easy.

Tilt-Shift lenses lets me control the composition at a higher level. A straight-up building or interior should have straight vertical lines too. Thanks to those lenses this can be optically achieved.

Controlled lightning

Without light the picture is flat and textures in wood, stone or fabric don’t show.

The sun is the main light source for exterior architecture. Being a the right time at the location is crucial for great pictures. Thorough preparation is key to this success.

The clarity of interiors we perceive with our eyes, is not the same clarity photographic equipment can registrar. Often the photographer needs to add light to obtain a balanced lightning.

Photoshop Skills

Image enhancing using photoshop as the digital darkroom. The negative film is nowadays replaced by the digital raw file. This raw images needs converting and color adjustments to obtain a fresh and sparkling image.

Retouching: eliminating undesired objects or adding a different sky a standard procedures in finishing images.

Compare the normally exposed and un-retouched picture with my retouched and composite picture.

Move the slider left and right to see the difference in image editing.

onbewerkte afbeelding van een showroomkeuken
bewerkte afbeelding van een showroomkeuken

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